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Companies are constantly seeking ways to retain their top talent and boost employee morale. One effective way is implementing Recognition and Rewards programs. These programs can take many forms, including bonuses, promotions, awards, and public recognition. 

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In this article, we will explore the benefits of recognition and rewards programs, five types of programs, and how to design and implement a successful program in your organization.

The XYZ Company HR Board of Directors, Executive and Senior Management Teams wish to regularly recognize the outstanding efforts of our employees. There are several vehicles to recognize individuals and teams as well as reward their efforts through the following programs:

1. Star Award Program

2. Shooting Star Award Program

3. SuperNova Award Program

4. Constellation Award Program

5. Light Year Service Award Program

Star Award

The first recognition and rewards program award program in our list is A Star Award. It is a ‘Thank You for Extra Effort’ on the part of an employee (regular, intermittent, proctor, temporary agency employee) or business partner. This is an informal, peer recognition program designed to be an easy and quick way to let one of your team members or co-workers know of your appreciation for something they did – above what was expected related to the XYZ Company HR guiding values.

All employees with a XYZ Company HR network login are eligible to nominate others and to receive awards. 

Shooting Star Award

The second Recognition and Reward program is The Shooting Star Award. The Shooting Star Award is a “Thank You” for a substantive amount of effort put forth by an eligible employee. This is a semi-formal recognition program allowing a supervisor to appreciate an employee’s extra efforts and initiative. The Shooting Star Award is distinguished from a Star Award in that a Shooting Star Award requires the employee to have acted with initiative in volunteering and completing a project or assignment that is outside of their normal job duties and responsibilities.

Goals/purpose/objective of the award/recognition:

To encourage and show appreciation for extra effort and initiative in areas related to the XYZ Company HR Guiding Values of:

• Care for our Customers

• Care for Each Other

• Care for the Organization

Values and/or competencies supported or tied to this recognition:

Who is Eligible?

All employees (includes regular, intermittent, temporary agency employees working for us at our offices).

Who can Nominate for this Recognition and Rewards program?

A supervisor can nominate their direct reports.

Nomination Cycle (frequency or schedule):

Shooting Star awards can be given at any time throughout the year by supervisory nomination.

Star Awards should still be used more frequently as thanks for extra effort and SuperNova Awards for exemplary performance. A Star Award and a Shooting Star Award cannot be given for the same project or assignment.

Nomination process (Form, questions, length of nomination, cycle, frequency, limits, timing, etc):

A supervisor wishing to nominate their employee can fill out an on-line Shooting Star Award nomination form. This is done by clicking on the Shooting Star Award graphic on the “Our Community”/”Employee Recognition” – XYZ Company Galaxy of Recognition page. 

The nomination form will be reviewed by the Recognition Committee to ensure its consistency with program goals. The Supervisor will be notified by email of the outcome of the nomination review.

Specific Evaluative Criteria for this Recognition and rewards Program:

The nominations will be evaluated against the following criteria:

• Was there a clear, specific example of going above and beyond outside of the individual’s normal job responsibilities or assignments?

• Did the action or behavior benefit the customer, employees, or organization?

• Did the individual take initiative, volunteer for the task, or act in a leadership role?

Review/approval process (What, Who, How, When):

Submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Recognition Committee and supervisors will be notified by email of the outcome. If approved, they can obtain the gift card and thank you note from a Committee member. If the nomination does not qualify, the supervisor can contact either member of the Recognition Committee for further explanation if needed.

Presentation/ceremony or method of awarding (when, how, who, public/private):

The Shooting Star Award is a personalized award given by the Supervisor to his/her direct report. The Award includes a XYZ Company HR handwritten thank you note with a $25 gift card enclosed, preferably given in person. The Recognition Committee will work with remote supervisors to provide what they need to grant this award to eligible employees.

Reward (type, value):

When possible the $25 gift card selected will be one that the employee would enjoy based on their “Recognition Personal Preferences” form.

SuperNova Award

This award is for recognizing individuals in the XYZ Company HR organization who exemplify living out one specific XYZ Company HR cultural competency through words and actions. 

The purpose is to highlight and call attention to someone whose behavior or action exemplifies what the organization’s values and cultural competencies are all about.

All regular and intermittent employees are eligible for this award, which is for individuals only.

Constellation Award

This is a Team Performance Award focusing on the accomplishments, results and achievements of a group of two or more. 

The purpose of this award is to recognize stellar team performance that leads to superlative results and especially noteworthy achievements in accomplishment of XYZ Company HR strategic direction and goals.

XYZ Company HR teams composed of two or more regular and/or intermittent employees are eligible for this award.

Light Year Service Award Program

The Service Award Program is designed to recognize length of service as a regular XYZ Company HR employee. Since the continued success of XYZ Company HR is based primarily on the efforts and contributions of its employees, it is appropriate to recognize the continued contributions and service of employees who have been with XYZ Company HR for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years and beyond.

Service Awards will be given to an employee on their first year anniversary, and then for every five years thereafter of continuous, unbroken service with XYZ Company HR as a regular employee.

 Service years will be calculated from the most recent date of hire as a regular employee. If regular service with XYZ Company HR is broken by separation, previous service time will not count toward service recognition milestones. 

Time served as an intermittent employee, contractor, or temporary employee will not count toward service award milestones.

Recognition will include certificates, gifts, and/or gift certificates. The value and gift selections will be evaluated periodically and may be changed by XYZ Company HR to refresh the program.

The Executive Office will maintain an updated listing of current recognition awards provided for each five year milestone.

In conclusion, employee recognition and rewards programmes can be a powerful tool for motivating and keeping skilled staff members inside a company. Companies may build a productive workplace that encourages productivity, engagement, and loyalty by thanking and recognising people for their efforts and accomplishments. 

Hope the aforementioned Recognition and Reward Programs will be helpful to your organization.

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