Latest Labour Welfare Fund Rates

It is important for HR Professionals to know the Latest Labour Welfare Fund Rates. Labour Welfare Fund is being deducted from all employee’s salary in a while based on the State Government Norms and the employer also should contribute before making online/offline payments.

In a few States, the Government also provides its contribution for the Labour Welfare Fund. This Labour Welfare Fund is used for Employees’ Welfare Activities like improving employee’s working conditions, standard of living and providing the necessary social security by the Respective State Government.

Labour Welfare Fund Rates

In this article, we will look at the latest State Wise Labour Welfare Fund Rates and the contribution dates and state wise labour department website links. 

Latest Labour Welfare Fund Contribution by Govt of India (Statewise)

Picture of Professional Tax Rates state wise

The List of Websites for Labour Welfare Fund details and online payment

Tamil Nadu

For Tamilnadu, the contribution period is once in a year and the due date is 31st January. It is applicable for the Tamilnadu Establishment that employed 5 or more persons.

Labour Welfare Fund for Tamilnadu –

Andhra pradesh

For Andhra pradesh, the contribution period is annually (once in a year) and the contribution due date is 31st January. The Labour Welfare Fund for Andhra pradesh is applicable for the Establishment with 20 or more persons.

Andhra pradesh Labour welfare website link-


For Chandigarh, the Labour welfare fund is segregated into two segments. One is for all employees and another is for all employees except the Manager / Supervisor category.

Chandigarh Labour website link –


Every Goa Establishment that employs five or more should pay Labour Welfare Fund. It is applicable for all employees except the Manager / Supervisor category.  

Goa Labour website Link –


The Welfare Contribution is Rs.6 from the employee and Rs.18 from the employer and a total of 24 rupees to be paid twice in a year.

Gujarat Labour website Link –


Unlike other states, Every Haryana Establishment has to collect labour welfare fund every month from employees and pay annually.

Website link for Haryana Labour –


Any Karnataka Establishment that employs 50 or more has to deduct Labour welfare of Rs.20 from employees and Rs.40 by employer. The Payment date is on or before 15th of January every year.

Website of karnataka Labour welfare –


 Similar to Haryana, The Kerala Establishment also deducts Welfare Fund every month. The total contribution is Rs.50 from both sides and paid on the 21st of every month. 

 Link of Kerala labour department website –


Madhya Pradesh

Any employee who earns more than Rs.10000 excluding Managers / Supervisors has to contribute to the Labour Welfare Fund twice a year as per the Madhya Pradesh Labour Department.

 Website link –


Maharashtra Labour welfare fund contributions are Rs.12 from employee and Rs.36 from employer side except Manager/Supervisor and above Category. To be done twice a year (June & December)

Labour of Maharashtra Website Link –

New Delhi

June & December are months of labour welfare fund contribution periods for the capital of India.

Website –


Any Establishment of odisha that employs 20 or more people must pay the Labour welfare fund two times a year. The Contribution rate is Rs.10 and Rs.20 Respectively. 

The link for Odisha Labour Department is


All Punjab Establishments (employ 20 or more staff) irrespective of Designation have to contribute labour welfare fund every month.
Labour Website of Punjab –


Telangana Labour Department collects a very minimum amount of Rs.2 from employee and Rs.5 from employer and a total of Rs.7 to be paid annually (on or before January 31).

Website of Telangana labour Department –

West Bengal 

The final state in our list is West Bengal. Any West Bengal Establishment employs 10 or more persons in the establishment should contribute to the Labour welfare fund on or before 15th July  and 15th January. The Contribution to be collected from employees are June and December respectively.

Website link –

You have successfully completed the Article of Labour welfare Fund Contribution of various Indian States. Please visit the respective labour websites for latest updates.

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Hope, you read and understand the Latest State Wise Labour Welfare Fund. If you need more clarity on Labour Welfare Fund Contribution, please contact your Labour Department. Read our other articles.

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