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HR Letters are important for organization and it will help Human Resources reduce the time and can be sent to people when needed with minor changes in the letter template. If all templates are available in HR Software then it will be much easier. In this article, we will see more than 10 plus HR Letters and its usage.

1) Background Checks response Letter

First HR Letter in our list is Background check response letter. Our Ex employee can attend an interview with another company and they want to know about the candidates’ trustworthiness by conducting the background verification by asking for details.This Letter is to be sent to the other Company who is expecting the details of the ex-employee’s employment history. 

2) Birthday wish Letter

It is important for the HR Department to wish each and every staff member of the organization on his/her birthday. This Birthday wish HR Letter Template should help HR Managers to send to staff with minor changes on their Birthday. 

3) Bonus Announcement Letter

Bonus Announcement Letter is helpful during the Bonus Decision is taken by Management once a year for most of the organization.This Letter includes the Bonus Percentage, Bonus Date and Company’s profit etc.,

4) Branch Transfer Letter to Employee

This Letter is used when an employee transfers from one branch to another branch without changing designation and salary. Usually Branch Transfer happens when a company has multiple branches especially in Financial companies.

5) Breach of Employment Letter

It is an important legal document that sets out the expectations of both parties and can be used as evidence in legal disputes. When an employer breaches an employment letter, the employee can be entitled to take legal action to seek compensation for any losses or damages suffered as a result of the breach. When an employee breaches an employment letter, the employer may have grounds to terminate the employee’s employment or take legal action to seek compensation for any losses or damages suffered as a result of the breach.

6) Condolence Letter to Business Associates, Clients, Vendors etc.,

When Business Associates, Clients, Vendors’ loved ones die. It is necessary to show your support and offer comfort during this time by writing a condolence letter. When you are writing a condolence letter, you have to be sincere and empathetic. Start by expressing your sympathy and acknowledging the recipient’s loss. 

7) Condolence to coworker

Similar to the previous one, This HR letter is also important when your coworker’s loved one dies. you can share a memory or offer a kind word about the person who has passed away. This can be a way to honor his/her memory and show that they will not be forgotten for long. 

8) Contract Termination Letter

This Letter is to be sent to the contract employees to inform about the termination of the Contract with Termination reason, date etc. A contract termination letter should clearly state that the agreement is being terminated and the reasons for the termination.It is important to include important details in the termination letter, such as the effective date of termination, any outstanding obligations or payments, and any consequences of the termination.

9) Demotion Letter 

If an employee could not meet the objective and goals for the year after many Training and Performance Improvement / Development plans. Employee will be demoted from his/her current position. During that time, Demotion Letter will be issued with proper reasons, date, salary revision etc., This is one of the essential HR Letters.

10) Offer Letter

After an Interview, the Offer letter is issued to the selected candidate. This letter includes Designation, Salary & Benefits, Date of Joining, Location of work etc. This Offer can either be accepted or rejected by the candidates. This is one of the pre joining activities.Hope these wonderful letters are useful to you. We will see the rest of the important HR Letters in Part 2. Read our other articles Remarkable Job Confirmation Letter Template for HR 2023

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