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A job confirmation letter is a crucial document for both employer and employee. This letter normally issued once the employer confirms the new staff’s employment with a company after conducting the review / appraisal. HR must be careful enough when it comes to a job confirmation letter that requires attention to detail and high level accuracy. 

In this must read Article, we will discuss the Confirmation Letter, tips & sample Job Confirmation letter format that will be more helpful for Human Resources Professional.

What is a Job Confirmation Letter?

An official notification by the employer to the new employee that his/her job is permanent with the organization after completing the probationary period. The letter must include information about the terms & conditions of the employee’s permanent contract, changes in the salary or benefits or additional leave benefits etc which will come into effect now onwards. According to the employer, Employee has become suitable for the role once the letter is issued.

What is the Probationary Period?

While talking about Employee Confirmation, we must also understand the concept of Probationary Period. Probationary periods are a common practice for many employers to assess an employee’s suitability for a particular chosen job role before confirming them as a permanent employee. The typical probationary period for most organizations ranges from three to six months. For some companies, it may extend up to one year. If the Probationary Period is extended, the Employer must provide adequate justification to the unconfirmed employee & their improvement plans.

What are the things to be considered?

Things to be considered when it comes to The job confirmation letter are the new employee’s name, title, Job start date, employee’s duties and responsibilities, working hours, salary etc.,

Types of Employee Confirmation

Next we move to the various types of employee confirmation being used in organizations.

  1. Paper based Confirmation

This is the oldest and evergreen method of employee confirmation being followed worldwide. The Human Resources department usually sends a letter of confirmation to the employee after the probationary period is over. The employee signs the letter and returns back to the Human Resources department. Once the signed letter is received from the employee, the HR department will make the updates to the employee’s record.

  1. Digital Confirmation

Digital Confirmation is the faster method used to do the confirmation process digitally i.e sending an email or electronic document or using HR Software, requesting confirmation of their employment details. The confirmed employee can check, review and verify all information, make any necessary corrections if needed, and return back the document electronically.

  1. Managerial Confirmation

In this type, the employee’s line manager plays a crucial role in confirming the employee. The manager conducts a review on the employee’s performance, attendance, attitude, core competencies and other important factors for the chosen job during the probationary period. The HR department then reviews the recommendation and makes a decision on employee confirmation based on the line manager’s feedback.

Let us move to the Confirmation Letter Template that is more useful for all HR Professionals.

Confirmation Letter Format / Template






Dear [EMPLOYEE NAME],                                                                           

Sub: ‐ Job Confirmation

Consequent to your successful completion of your probation period, you will be happy to note that you will be confirmed to the services of our esteemed Company with effect from [DATE]. In terms of the appointment order, you have undergone the Probation period of __ months from the date of joining i.e.  [DATE], which closed at the closing hours [date]. On receiving the satisfactory reports from your superiors, the management wishes to confirm your services and your terms of employment; other conditions would remain the same as per the order during your tenure of service with our organization.

Being a confirmed employee, the organization anticipates further outstanding works from you and we fervently hope that you will keep up the expectation.

 We wish you very best of luck in your career with our organization.

Thank you,


Authorized Signatory

Companies can choose the right confirmation process depending on their needs and the resources available to them. We have seen the Job Confirmation meaning, types and letter format in this article. Hope you have enjoyed it. Be with us.

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