HR Head’s Job Responsibilities are crucial for every organization. An organization’s human resources function must be managed and shaped by the HR Head position. The HR Head is responsible for directing strategic initiatives, ensuring adherence to employment rules and regulations, and fostering a positive workplace culture. 

In this Article, We will discuss some of the important Job Responsibilities of Head HR.

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The First Job Responsibilities in our list is Recruitment & Selection. Effective recruiting and selection procedures are essential for organizations to entice and hire top talent in today’s cutthroat business environment. 

The strategic, objective, and goal-aligned recruitment and selection processes are made possible in large part by human resources (HR).

Reducing the Cycle Time of Recruitment

Manpower Planning

Preparing Job Descriptions for Vacant Positions

Posting Ads on Different Job Portals, Social Media, Newspapers and other paid and Non paid Media

Short listing Candidates

Conducting Telephonic and Direct Interviews

Selecting the right Managerial or in-charge Level of all Department, IT and Non IT Category Candidates for Head and Branch Offices time to time

Implementing Job Referral Concepts

Handling On boarding proces


The Second Job Responsibilities in the list is Employee Engagement. Employee engagement is not simply a trendy term; it is essential to the development and success of any organization. 

A good work environment, higher levels of customer satisfaction, more profitability, and engaged employees all result from their motivation, productivity, and dedication to their jobs. 

Implementation of Employee Engagement Activities and Programs from Scratch

Identifying Employees’ IQ  and EQ

Implement Programs for all Employees to help them balance their Work and Life

Implement Programs for all Employees to feel motivated at Work

Conducting Employee Engagement Surveys and Implement Strategies to engage employees in work and commit to Organization.

Changing the Work Culture if Required

Identifying and Reducing  Employee Absenteeism

Regularly conduct managers’ meetings to know what the other departments are doing. Help managers communicate with one another and improve team spirit, overcome obstacles and solve problems.

Help Managers understand the company’s big picture and achieve company goals and department goals—connecting the dots between what a single department is doing today and what a company aims to do over the next two to three years.

Improving Customer Satisfaction by Engagement Activities


Another Job Responsibility is Performance Management also abbreviated as PMS. Organizations use performance management as a crucial procedure to evaluate, enhance, and maximize the performance of their personnel. 

It entails establishing specific objectives, offering regular feedback, assessing development areas, and assessing progress.

Implementing Management By Objective appraisal or 360 degree Feedback  Appraisal Method from Scratch

Setting KRA,KPA and SMART goals

Creating Competency Model

Help Company provide pay rise, promotion, compensation and wage structures for employees based on performance appraisal result.

 Offering Feedback to Employees based on Appraisal Result


Another vital Job Responsibility is Operations Streamlining. Every organization needs effective human resources (HR) operations to run smoothly. They are

Streamlining existing process and workflows

Creating the High Performance Work System

Increasing cost efficiency

Improving productivity

Improving communication and time management

Reducing process Errors

Implementing Lean Six Sigma Techniques & improve operational efficiency


Every Management has a plan to expand Business & Branches in other parts of <Locations>. As an HR Head, you have to help Management Identify the Market size and Manpower planning of branch offices etc. 


Visiting and monitoring other branches and conducting HR Audit when needed. Organizations can uncover gaps, reduce risks, and realize their full potential by conducting an HR audit, which offers a thorough examination of their HR services. 


Another crucial Job Responsibility is Retaining the Performers. These include

Help Management identify the Attrition in all Departments. Implement ideas and Strategies to retain super keepers, keepers and terminate the misfits.

Conducting Exit Interview and other methods to identify the reasons for employee resignation and take appropriate actions.


Monitoring all the departments and implementing new initiatives, changes and suggest management on systems, strategies and tactics.

Build HR Strategy, Roadmap and HR Scorecard (Create HR Deliverables, Aligning HR Systems with Organizational Vision)


Employee complaints are sure to come up from time to time in every organization. Unresolved complaints can negatively affect employee morale, productivity, and the culture of the entire organisation, whether they are about working conditions, interpersonal problems, or policy infractions. These include

Solving and reducing interdepartmental politics

Solving Employees’ work related grievances  

Help Employees’ change their behavior and Attitude

Investigate and take decision based on issues

Implement workplace rules, Gender neutrality and Laws

Identifying and preventing the grievances and Unlawful activities.

Creating a Policy on Employee Grievances


Collecting , Analyzing and taking decision based on HR data

Creating HR Metric concept

Keeping confidential records & documents

Reporting to Directors frequently and take steps at the right time

Calculating ROI (Return on Investment)


Another essential Job Responsibility is to design Compensation. A compensation strategy includes the full incentives system, including perks, bonuses, and recognition, in addition to wage data.

Help Management customize existing Compensation when needed

Suggest management on Right Pay Strategies and benefits

Customize Short time Incentive Structures and Long term pay

Create Performance based Pay Structure

Recognize the right Employee at the right time


Providing Counseling & coaching sessions to Managers and employees

Building a relationship with stakeholders

Listening to Manager’s concerns, empathizing  with them, and helping them to see things more clearly or in a different way


The ultimate Job Responsibility in our list is Training & Development. Based on Performance Appraisal feedback, On the Job Training Programs to be conducted frequently

Training Materials to be prepared for Departmental and Designation wise.

Training Topics & Content to be changed time to time

Conduct and implement the programs for employees and Managers

Evaluate the output and performance post the training and development sessions

Keep monitoring and evaluating the performances and again analyze if more training is required.

 As the HR director, you have a variety of Job Responsibilities that are crucial to developing an organization’s human capital and ensuring its success. In addition to helping to define the organizational culture, your contributions are essential to attaining the company’s strategic goals and sustaining development in a cutthroat environment.

Hope you enjoyed this Job Responsibilities of HR Head Article.


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