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As an HR Professional, Working with excel is unavoidable. Most of the HRs have so far used many HR Software and ERPs for their day to day tasks, Data Management and Analytics. But one of the best evergreen software is MS Excel. Lets see the Excellent Excel shortcut Keys for Professionals in this article.

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Why Excel Shortcuts Keys?

The best answer for this question is rapid & effective.. It is important for Managers to do the complex data analysis effectively on time. It requires practice, but practicing with the right Excel shortcut Keys makes Managers stand on top. 

Here, we will see some of the Excellent Excel Shortcuts Keys for Professionals. By pressing the mentioned Excel Shortcut keys will give you instant results.

Excel Shortcut Keys for Editing In Microsoft Windows

Firstly, let us look at some Excel Shortcut Keys for Editing the Existing Excel file

          Editing current Active Cell – F2

          To insert a row – Alt  I  R

          To insert a column – Alt  I  C

          For Copying – Ctrl  C

          To Cut – Cut  X

          To Paste  – Ctrl  V

          To Paste Special – Alt  E  S

          To insert a row – Alt  I  R

          To insert a column – Alt  I  C

          To insert a worksheet – Shift  F11

          To fill the right – Ctrl  R

Excel Shortcut Keys for File in Microsoft Windows

Wow, we are in the second section. Here we will see the Excel Shortcut Keys for File options

          To Create a New Sheet – Ctrl  N

          To Open a Existing file from Folder –  Ctrl  O

          To print a the document – Ctrl  P

          To Save a finished workbook  –  Ctrl  S

          To close the file  –  Alt  F4

          To Save the Excel file –  Ctrl  S      

Excel Shortcut Keys for Formatting  in Microsoft Windows

Hope you are thinking how easy the Excel is, let us move to Excel Shortcut Keys for Formatting Options

           To Bold the Excel content – Ctrl  B

           To italicize the content – Ctrl  I

           To Repeat the last activity – Ctrl  Y

           To change the Font Size  – Ctrl  Shift  F (you can either increase or decrease the font size)

           To undo the last activity –  Ctrl  Z

Excel Shortcut Keys for Navigation in Microsoft Windows

So far we have learnt the Excel Shortcut Keys for Editing, FIle Options, Formatting. Next, we move to Navigation options

           To Select the Entire row of the sheet –  Shift   Spacebar

           To Select the Entire Column  – Ctrl  Spacebar 

           To go to the Cell A1  –   Ctrl  Home

           To move to Go to screen  – F5

           To move to the beginning of the same row – HomeKey

Excel Shortcut Keys for Editing the Data in Microsoft Windows

Data Management is crucial for professionals. Let us find some of the powerful Excel shortcut Keys.

           To change/fill down from the current row (like cell above)  –  Ctrl  D

           To find the data and Replace them  –   Ctrl   F

           To show all the constants – F5   Alt   S   O

           To move to next row and for accepting autocomplete suggestion   –    Tab     

           To delete the data  –  Delete

 Excel Shortcut Keys for Selecting the Data in Microsoft Windows

            To Select entire workbook  –  Ctrl  A

           To Select the Cell range (row/column)  –  Shift   Arrow (up/down/right/left)

           To select the range (up/down/right/left)  – Ctrl  Shift  Arrow

Excel Shortcut Keys for General purposes in Microsoft Windows

Normally we use certain Excel Shortcut Keys for general purposes as mentioned,

            To enter the today’s date (Date of data entered)   –   Ctrl   ;

            To get the auto sum of data – Alt  =

            To get the Time (Time of data entered)  –  Ctrl   :

            To Select the appropriate menu using Alphabetical Letters –  Alt

Cool, We have discussed some Excellent Excel Shortcut Keys for Professionals who are able to use these for their day to day Data Management. In the next article, we will discuss Important Excel Formulas for Professionals as we aren’t able to provide all in one article (Excel has thousands of shortcuts and formulas).

Please feel free to share your suggestions & questions in the comment box. Also read our other articles.

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