Christmas Festival
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Christmas is a widely celebrated festival across the globe. As an organization, HR has to keep employees happy during the festival season. Employees feel joyful when they receive colourful wishes from the company. In this article, we have shared a sample Letter Template.

Festival letter Christmas letter Format

(Name of the Company)

Festival letter Christmas

Subject – Happy Christmas to you all!

Hello ___,

Hope you are doing well,

On behalf of the company, we wish a very Happy Christmas to you all. This year we would like to take time and appreciate all the efforts you have put into making our stakeholder’s lives better with our _____ (product / Services).

We welcome the Christmas Festival with all our hearts and hope your homes are also filled with happiness. To help you with a happy smile on your faces we will release your salaries a bit earlier. ​Hence, you don’t have to wait to start celebrating the Christmas festival.

 Moreover, as per our company policy, you will also get  __ days of paid leaves.

We hope you have good celebrations and come back with brand new energy!



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