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An outside employment policy helps to ensure that an employee’s outside employment does not conflict with their job responsibilities, the organization’s interests, or violate any laws or regulations. 

In this article, we will explore the key aspects of an outside employment policy and procedure.

This section states XYZ Company HR policy for outside employment and provides guidelines for outside employment which may conflict with XYZ Company HR employment.

A XYZ Company HR employee shall not be employed outside XYZ Company HR or actively participate in any outside business if such involvement conflicts with current XYZ Company HR contracts or hampers the employees ability to perform assigned duties.

Procedures for outside employment:

1. Prior to accepting outside employment, employees must discuss pending outside employment with their immediate supervisor to determine if it will interfere or conflict with their XYZ Company HR employment.

2. While both supervisors and employees shall consider the following with relation to outside employment, the supervisor will make the final determination as to the conflict of interest of outside employment XYZ Company HR:

a. The potential impact of the outside work on the employee’s XYZ Company HR duties;

b. Attendance during regular working hours;

c. Availability for such things as overtime required to meet business objectives, meetings, or travel outside regularly assigned work hours.

3. Employees will not be employed outside XYZ Company HR to perform services which XYZ Company HR could normally expect to perform or which would allow the employee financial gain at the expense of XYZ Company HR. These conditions exist when the employee:

a. Provides services for payment that might normally be provided by XYZ Company HR;

b. Provides goods or services to persons contacted while on XYZ Company HR business;

c. Uses XYZ Company HR resources or performs outside work while at XYZ Company HR during normal working hours, including making and receiving phone calls relating to any outside employment;

d. Acts as an outside advisor, consultant, or witness on contracts which XYZ Company HR administers or which conflict with XYZ Company HR’s mission or interests;

e. Engages in any business venture which could unfavorably influence any current or projected contracts or clients.

f. Accepts employment from businesses which offer personnel services to public or non-profit clients.

4. Employees applying for outside employment with any agency who could be a XYZ Company HR client should determine whether XYZ Company HR will be involved in the selection process so that steps may be taken to avoid any compromise of the selection process.

5. The most notable exceptions to the outside employment policy would be activities such as presentations at professional conferences or meetings, serving as an assessor for an assessment center, serving on a panel, etc. If these types of activities occur during normal business hours or pose a possible conflict of interest, approval by the unit manager is necessary.

6. Requests for and approvals of outside employment will be in writing and documentation will be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

7. An employee’s authorization to engage in outside employment may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the unit manager, where it is determined that the conditions for approval set forth above have not been met.

8. Vendor or subcontractor employment: In order to avoid conflicts of interest or create the appearance of impropriety, XYZ Company HR employees shall not solicit or in any way assist an immediate family member to gain employment with vendors and/or subcontractors of XYZ Company HR. 

For purposes of this outside employment policy, a family member includes husband, wife, registered domestic partner, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, in-laws, grandchild, grandparent, stepparent, stepchild, stepbrother, stepsister.

XYZ Company HR employees who have a family relationship with employees of a XYZ Company HR vendor or sub-contractor or a financial relationship/interest with a XYZ Company HR vendor or sub-contractor shall notify their supervisor of such relationship and recuse themselves from decisions affecting that vendor or sub-contractor.

In conclusion, implementing an outside employment strategy can help an organization in a number of ways, including by safeguarding corporate data, preventing conflicts of interest, and preserving employee productivity. 

Hope this Article is useful to your organization.

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