In this Top 10 Books that Every HR Professional Must Read Article, we are about to see the wonderful books titles. As an HR Professional, It is very important to read at least 10 to 12 books a year to move up in the career ladder. Mr. Warren Buffet, one of the richest people and Investors, spends most of his time reading (Approximately 5 to 6 hours a day).

To be the master of any subject, one must read a lot. For HR professionals, Thousands of books are available online and offline. But, these Top 10 HR books are mostly recommended by Top HR Professionals and CEO/CHRO world wide. 

Let’s get started….

Top 10 Books for hr

Talent Management Handbook

Talent Management Handbook Front Cover Picture

The First Book in the Top 10 Books for HR Professional is TALENT MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK Edited by Lance A.Berger and Dorothy R.Berger. This book has been one of Best HR Books & evergreen books for the past two decades with High Level English Content. This book covers a lot of HR Topics like Creating a High Performance Workforce, Competency Assessment, Performance Management, Succession and Career Planning, Coaching, Training, Compensation Strategies, Big Data Analysis, Organization Culture etc. This book consists of 650 Pages and It helps HR Professional & CEO’s to make appropriate Decisions on Talent Management.

The HR Scorecard

HR Scorecard Book Front Cover Picture

The Second Book in the Top 10 Books for HR Professional is The HR Scorecard by David Norton. This HR book deals with the evolving picture of HR. The perspective it deals with include personal, compensation, alignment and high performance. This book answers Why companies must invest in intangible over tangible.The Chapter two of this book describes a seven-step process that will lay the foundation for HR’s strategic influence. Chapter 3 describes a process for developing the HR Scorecard. Chapter 4 of this book describes a process for cost-benefit analysis. Chapter 5 helps us to understand the process for validating the quality of the measurement system and the data. Chapter 6 focuses on the problem of alignment with alternative measurement approaches. Chapter 7 discusses the prevailing competency models for HR professionals.The final chapter of this book concludes with the challenges involved in

implementing a strategically focused HR architecture and HR Scorecard in the Organization.

Overall, This book is good to read. As an HR Professional, you will be able to implement the Scorecard in your organization after reading this book. 

Investing in People

Investing in People Book Front Cover Picture

The Third wonderful book in our list is Investing in People by Wayne Cascio and John Boudreau. This Book explains how to make Strategic HR Measurement, The Hidden cost of Absenteeism, The cost of Separation, costs of Employees’ Health  wealth and welfare, how the logic connecting the employees’ attitudes, behavior  and Financial outcomes and more. A must read for HR Leaders to know the specific formulas and calculations that can be used to evaluate the impact of talent decisions.

Winning on HR Analytics: Leveraging Data for Competitive Advantage

Winning on HR Analytics book Front Cover Picture

The Fourth Fantastic book in the list is Winning on HR Analytics written by Ramesh Soundararajan & Kuldeep Singh. This book explains how to make decisions based on data, not based on intuition. As a HR Professional you will be able to understand how to hire, retain and motivate people of your company using HR Analytics after reading this book.

The Chief HR Officer: Defining the New Role of Human Resource Leaders

The Chief HR Officer Book Cover Picture

The Fifth Fabulous Book in the list of Top 10 Books is The Chief HR Officer Edited by Patrick M. Wright, John Boudreau, David A.Pace, Elizabeth Libby Sartain, Paul Mckinnon, Richard L.Antoine.. This book consists of 29 articles including Today’s CHRD / CHRO as Strategy Advisor, Talent Architect, Counselor/Coach, Liaison to the Boards, Leaders of HR function etc. This book is recommended for the People who are currently working in or anticipating becoming a Chief Human Resources Officer in the future.

 The Essential Performance Review Handbook

The Essential Performance Review Handbook Cover Page Picture

The Sixth Superior book is The Essential Performance Review Handbook by Sharon Armstrong. It helps us understand different types of reviews, scoring matrices, compensation, and compliance rules. And the aforementioned book is geared toward anyone in leadership roles.

 Best Practices in Talent Management

Best Practices in Talent Management book Cover Picture

The Seventh wonder in the Top 10 Books is Best Practices in Talent Management Edited by Marshall Goldsmith and Louis Carter. This reader friendly book consists of 336 pages and Fourteen Chapters. If any HR Professional needs information from Fortune 500 companies on how they manage, motivate, develop & retain talent, then this is the must read book. 

 Leading HR

Leading HR Book Cover page Picture

Wow. What next? The Eighth Evergreen book we are about to take a look at is Leading HR by Paul Sparrow, Martin Hird, Anthony Hesketh and Cary Cooper. This book was published in 2016 and it has 13 valuable chapters with great contents. This book connects the world class experts in the field of HR Management to work with top HR leaders to overcome the difficult issues being faced by the Human Resources Department for decades. Useful. Right? Let’s go to the next one.

The Future of Human Resource Management

The Future of Human Resource Management Cover Page Picture

So far so good. Correct. Let us take a quick view on the Ninth Notable book for HR Manager is The Future of Human Resource Management Edited by Mike Losey, Sue Meisinger and Dave Ulrich. It was first published in the year 2005 and now available all over the world. The authors covered Topics in this book are Human Resources as a decision science, understanding & managing people, creating and adapting organizational culture etc. We are able to clearly understand how to invest in the next generation after finishing each and every chapter of this book. So Don’t miss it..

The Manager’s Guide to HR

The Manager's Guide to HR book cover page picture

We are now looking at the last lovable book by most of the HR Professional is The Manager’s Guide to HR by Max Muller. The rich content of The Manager’s Guide to HR helps us understand the Step by Step guidance on HR regulations, rights, and responsibilities from hiring to firing, employee benefits & compensation, documentation, performance appraisals, training and development etc. 

Fabulous list of HR Books, Right?. Hope you aren’t going to miss any one of the books at your own library. 

You are making a fantastic journey by reading our Articles. Please feel free to share your queries and suggestions in our comment book. Also Read our other HR Topics

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