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Welcoming an employee is a crucial task for the HR Department after successfully hiring a candidate. This is the state where a candidate turns into an employee and his/her motivation level is high. New Joiner has their own expectations that have to be fulfilled by the company during the onboarding stage. 

In this article, we are about to see the world’s most trusted HR New Joiner Check lists that can be used on the new joiner DAY ONE with slight modifications based on the companies’ HR Policies. 

 Office  Workspace for new Joinees


The basic requirement as everyone knows is Physical Workspace for a new joiner to work comfortably. It is the place where an average employee spends more than 25% of time in a year. 


Desk for new Joinees


New / cleaned out

Files orderly

Handover report present

Computer for new Joinees

Desk & Computer

Desktop or Laptop Cleaned & connected

Required software installed

Login/mail id created

Telephone for new Joinees

Direct line required


Stationery for new Joinees

Stationary picture





Staff Notification for new Joinees

Staff Notification Picture

Confirm with new employee first day / time of arrival

Broadcast message about new employee

Induction for new Joinees

New Staff Induction on the First Day

 Meeting with HR for induction presentation

 Induction docket

 Arrange for meeting with the CEO / Directors / Department Managers

Arrange for first staff introduction

 Employee Manual

Follow up after 1 month to understand progress/concern areas

Documentation for new Joinees

Joining Documents

Signed offer letter 

Copy of pan card, Aadhar card & passport sized photographs

Collect tax declarations

Declaration of income from the previous employer

Personal Details

Bank salary account

Mail company formats

Update attendance register

Update in company formats / HR Software

Printing Requirements for new Joinees

Business Cards

Business cards


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Insurance for new Joinees (after completion of 1 month)

Employee Insurance

Health insurance

Life insurance

 The other important things to share with the newbie are Roles & Responsibilities, Leave Entitlement, Work timing and breaks, Paydates, Policy & Procedures, Workplace Hazards, Work environment etc.,

Hope you now have a clear idea on how to use this HR new joiner Checklist in your current organization. You can follow this when you have a new joiner in your company. Also read 10+ Powerful HR Letters Every Human Resources Department must use 

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