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It is important for the Candidates to know why some questions are being asked in almost all the interviews. The idea is not for demotivating the candidates but to test the actual ability of the person being fit for the position. Interviewers normally check candidate’s Analytical proficiency, Passion for job, Patience, Ability to work under stress, Team Spirit etc.,

This article will help you understand the reasons for those Interview Questions and how to tackle them with ease.

Tell me something about yourself that we didn’t know from your resume?

Answer: During college days, I helped people on how to invest in the share market  and I got 15 percent profit in 6 months with my small investments I made using my savings. I learned these Investment Skills by reading the book called Intelligent Investor.

Try not to repeat what was written in the resume. Share some unique skills that reveal your personality and experience. It will impress the recruiter.

Let us move to second Interview Questions in our list

Why do you want to work here?

Answer: I always wanted to work with a company that has good business processes and satisfies the customers since graduation. I researched most of the Manufacturing companies and found that your company has satisfied more customers with great business processes. This company will continuously be successful for the long run. 

Your answer must be transparent here. Share a few reasons why you are particularly interested in this company. Your answers include the company’s goodwill, achievements or your burning desire to join the company.

Why do you want to leave your current Job?

Answer: I am always interested in Human Resources Management. But in my current role I only focus on Recruitment alone. I would like to learn other areas of HRM such as Training & Development, Coaching, Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits etc.,. 

Share three or more reasons for leaving your current company and job for these Interview Questions. Your answer should inspire the interviewer to think that you are ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

What are your strengths?

Answer: My previous manager used to say my strength is that I am both a people and process oriented person and very few people have this personality. I needed to adhere to the company process and dealt with people in my previous job. These skills really helped me. 

Share two or more positive skills of yours that are really needed for this current role and with proof.

What Skills do you have to develop in this job?

Answer: I need to develop selling skills. I have experience in client handling but not able to improve sales skills in my previous companies. Sales is inevitable for all roles both in personal and professional life. I am passionate about Sales, I hope this company will give me the opportunity to improve my selling skills and to be part of a great sales team. So I will begin acquiring new customers and become a sales head in the future.

Share many aptitudes you couldn’t develop fully in your previous job. 

Let us see the next Interview Question.

Why should I hire you?

Answer: My Aunt had a Fintech Startup Company where I worked as staff part time during college days on the weekend. And I completed my Internship at a Finance Based Company for two summers during my post graduation. I hope I know the financial process of companies from scratch, and you can be assured that I know what I would be getting into as a Financial Manager.

Try to share more points on why you are taking this job in the particular company. Share your job knowledge with your previous task you had taken and how you had achieved. And don’t repeat your previous employment and resume.

What situations motivate you?

Answer: I am interested in working on any process streamlining projects that help companies save time, money and resources. In my previous company we did a lean project to eliminate the wastes in the process. I was one of the team members as I was the six sigma green belt specialist. 

The interviewer checks your response to know what motivates you. Your answer must be relevant to the position you are applying for. 

Describe a time when you had to assist a coworker?

Answer: I helped our department junior staff multiple times on payroll processing, Excel shortcuts and report writing etc to complete the task with less time. He didn’t complete any formal courses on specific topics.

Share a time when your advice or support gave good results for your coworker and for your entire department.

How do you manage your time?

Answer: I maintain a Monthly Calendar on my desk to check my / departmental to-do list and work accordingly. I give priority to any urgent/important work. It helps me to complete my daily tasks much smoother without any procrastination and stress.

Give the interviewer an idea of your approach on time management. You can share your work style, priority matrix, meeting deadlines etc.,

Interesting right. Now we will look at the last Interview Questions in our list in this Article.

Tell me what you learned from a recent book?

Answer: I am interested in reading Management Books i.e One Minute Manager Series. I read the One Minute Manager Balances work and life book last month. It helped me understand how to balance work and life and how to reduce stress with many tips. 

The Interviewer is looking for how you use your spare time and whether you are in a growing mindset or not in your career.

Hope you have enjoyed the list of ten interview questions with answers. There is no right or wrong answer in the interview. Based on the situation, your answer should convince the interviewer. Then, you will be hired. Always practice for some interview questions before an interview and think before you answer the specific question (Think why this question is asked and then answer appropriately). If you don’t understand the question, ask the interviewer to repeat the question again politely. It is important to answer well with proper understanding of the question. 

Finally, Attend an interview with confidence and proper preparation. All the best for your next Job Interview.

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