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Making an outstanding Resume format is an essential step to obtaining your ideal position. It presents your credentials and abilities to potential employers as your initial impression. But it’s important to be aware of typical mistakes that can make your resume less successful. In this article, we will go over seven critical blunders to keep away from so that your resume stands out from the crowd and increases your chances of getting an interview.

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Resume format Picture

Design & Colour

First mistake to avoid in a resume is excessive Design. Create a straightforward resume without any color or design. Everything is better when kept as straightforward as possible. It’s crucial to achieve a balance between visual appeal and professionalism when choosing colors for your resume. 

Too many colors can overwhelm the reader. Match colors with industry and job type. Regardless of the colors you choose, ensure that the text remains clear and easy to read. Avoid using light-colored fonts on light backgrounds or dark-colored fonts on dark backgrounds.

Career Objectives

Put an end to writing “Career Objectives.” No recruiter will read it, thus there is no use in including it on your resume format. Instead, list any projects or experiences that are pertinent. If you include objectives, concentrate on creating a succinct and unique statement that is relevant to the job and organization you are applying to. Avoid making remarks that are too nebulous or unclear so the reader is confused about your intentions or credentials.

Email ID

Create a professional email address. Using the same email, connect your linkedin and github profiles. It cannot be used for any other social networking platform. Your name, or your name plus initials, is the ideal combination for your email ID. Examples of good alternatives that show professionalism include and

It’s crucial to keep your email address consistent across all of your business channels. If you have more than one, pick one that complements your personal branding and use it consistently in your cover letter, resume, and other professional papers. 

Social Media

Put no information about your social network accounts, not even the logos, with the exception of Linkedin, Twitter and Github. Professionals must use the platform LinkedIn. By including a thorough overview, emphasizing your talents, and presenting your job history, you may optimize your LinkedIn profile. To make it simply accessible, take into account including a personalized LinkedIn URL. 

If you have a personal blog or portfolio, think about including links to your work there in your resume. Let us move to the 

Personal Details

Leave out personal information such your parents’ names, their occupations, etc. Including these data in your resume serves no purposes. Put your contact information at the top of your resume to start. Your full name, contact information, business email address, and location should all be included.


If your interests and hobbies correspond to your profile, they are quite crucial. Certain pastimes demand dedication and perseverance. Including interests that show your commitment and personal development might be quite beneficial. For instance, finishing a marathon demonstrates discipline, tenacity, and a goal-oriented mindset. 


Your resume should highlight your successes and those that are pertinent to the position you are looking for. Please don’t list your pointless accomplishments or honors on your resume. Use powerful action verbs and adjectives to convey a sense of accomplishment and energy when discussing your accomplishments. 

Start each of your bullet points with one of the following words: “achieved,” “led,” “implemented,” “streamlined,” “generated,” or “influenced.” These adjectives emphasize your contributions to the company and reflect a proactive attitude. 

Making a good impression on potential employers will be considerably increased if you can avoid these typical resume blunders. You may write a strong resume that effectively shows your talents and experiences by putting an emphasis on clarity, relevance, and uniqueness. 

Now you can create/modify your resume with the mentioned Do’s and Don’ts.

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